Choose your explainer video package and we will create a great video story that will get you clients' trust and improve your business.
With Template package you will get a high-quality explainer video based on the one of available video templates.
The explainer video will contain the following:
Textual info about your product
Brand logo, screenshots and product images
Original music track.
Optional voice over and sound effects
Video Duration: 30-60 sec
Video Delivery: 1-3 business days

Why do you need Template video package?

Predictable outcome
Every client can see how their explainer video will look like by seeing corresponding video template.
Best price
Making a professional template-based explainer video is an effortful process, however it helps us lower expenditures and thus offer you the best rates, unmatched by any other proposals on the video production market.
Fast delivery
We give you your fully finished explainer video in 1-3 business days in the file format required for uploading the video on your website or
Your success is our goal
We don't make just videos. We create great video stories that get you and your business trust and results (attracting new visitors, improving website conversion, increasing sales).
By choosing Exclusive package you will get a unique high-quality explainer video made by our creative video production team specially for you.
Get started!
The exclusive explainer video will contain the following:
Selling script that will present your product in a creative and intriguing way.
Design and animation tailored to your brand, service or product on the basis of your chosen explainer video style.
A professional studio-recorded voice over to make your video creative, captivating and more comprehensible. We cast the narrator in compliance with the individual concept of your video, which is based on such characteristics as: sex, age and native language.
Sound effects and music to make your video exclusive, impressive and memorable.
Shooting the presentation object, locations and preliminary casted actors if necessary.
Video Duration: from 30 sec
Video Delivery: 2-6 weeks

Why do you need our Exclusive video package?

We make a unique explainer video that shows the essence of your brand, product or service forming a bond between you and your clients.
Low price
The pricing for Exclusive video package is individual and defined by its style, duration, creation time, shooting etc., but in any case we are flexible and ready to offer you the price that your budget can afford.
Full control
At each stage of production we discuss our progress with you, giving you an opportunity to make your own adjustments. This way you are guaranteed that your video will look exactly as you imagined.
Your success is our goal
We don't make just videos. We create great video stories that get you and your business trust and results (attracting new visitors, improving website conversion, increasing sales).

What our clients think?

I am in awe of how the final video turned out. Semalt services is going to be a wonderful addition to my business and I plan on using the video production service again to update my portfolio. The staff was a pleasure to work with and I will be recommending them to my colleagues.
Meredith Corning
Owner & Wedding Planner
Perfect :-) This video seems to be a very good work. I am happy with its quality and price.
Philippe Contal
CEO of Histophile company
Video from Semalt has significantly increased the amount of our daily visitors. The overall process of creation was pretty fast and guys from video department were open for my proposals. I really appreciate the quality of Semalt's service.
Sandoka Ayman
Co-Founder and CEO at Epay
My explainer video was made quickly and I was completely satisified with its quality. I think that Semalt team did a great work.
Richard Hicks
Website owner
Thank you very much for the prompt feedback, the excellent support and the great service level you provided us.
Dr. Michele Esposito
Key Account & Project Manager (Alphatrad Worldwide Ltd)
Thank you very much for the work on the video. I think the final one looks perfect. I look forward to working with you again in the future on my next project video and will look into the other product which your company provides.
Steve Edwards
Director of Edwards Solar Plus & Edwards Electrical
I have tried several video companies before I found Semalt. I am amazed at how the final video turned out. It was better than I expected! I liked it so much I ordered another video and will continue commissioning videos from Semalt. I feel that Professional videos will help me fully explain my services and promote my business. The Semalt videos are a great addition to my website and my YouTube account. I intend to use this video production service again for more videos. I will be recommending them to anyone who needs videos.
Brian Burke
Owner of Kenna Real Estate

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Financial transactions within the Semalt project are supported by the FastSpring Company - one of the e-commerce market leaders. FastSpring Company began its activity in 2006 and provides services to over 2,200 business clients worldwide. The FastSpring corporate headquarters is located in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
You can get more useful information about FastSpring following the links Purchasing through FastSpring and FastSpring Privacy Policy.

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